Hope Educational & Charitable Trust is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated towards the poor and needy people of our beloved country India. To assist and provide for the poor by constructing community halls, Rest houses, dormitories, wells, tube wells, drinking water facilities, etc., to conduct feeding of the poor and to give, food, clothing and cash grants for the poor, and to grant donations for the support of the inmates of orphanages, rescue and rehabilitation centers, and similar institutions. The poor may also be assisted by way of teaching of Crafts, engineering and similar skills, and industrial Training including on the job training.
To promote public charitable objects or purposes which will be or is intended to advance the well being of the people of India or for their welfare and upliftment without distinction of any caste religion or community.
To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant, donate for and to aid in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, improvement and extension of innovative medical projects, ambulance services, with special emphasis on trauma care, afford first aid treatment, cure and other medical relief to the public especially to the accident victims. Our Organization HOPE EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST , is registered uner Trust Atc 1882.
The purpose is surely to help all the women for fighting against dowry system, child marriages and many more evils which are existed in our beautiful society.